Circuit of Ireland

A complete circuit of Ireland in under 24hrs. A distance of 831 miles (GPS). Complete this ride and if it passes the verification process you get an IBA Certificate. If you are not already an IBA member, you will also get that much sought after IBA membership number.

The Circuit of Ireland involves riding to Ballycastle,Letterkenny,Clifden,Killarney,Cork,Wexford in less than 24 hours.

UPDATE: This ride ( in the current form) will be withdrawn from 30th September 2020. No verifications will take place for rides that commence 1st October onwards. Therefore the last day you can do this ride will be 30th September 2020




A dated/timed receipt will be required from within the locality of each of these towns/cities. Receipts can be generated from any source such as ATM/shop/garage/fuel etc within the localities.


Please be aware that it is a complete circuit.You must finish where you started. Because the route is circular, you may begin the ride at a point of your own choosing if you wish.For example, you may wish to start/finish in Dublin.

When you are collecting receipts to document your ride bear in mind that some Garages in the south print a credit card receipt which doesn't show the amount of fuel purchased only the cost.Write the amount by hand. If you get a receipt with no location printed on it, first try to get another receipt from a different source. If needs be, get a witness. At any of the locations if you feel that your receipt is missing important etc then do whatever you can to back up your evidence.


The ride can be completed in any direction ie clockwise OR anticlockwise. It may be wise to get the west coast leg completed in daylight as the Clifden/westport road is difficult after dark.

You do not need to pre register for this ride.

All ride details must pass the IBA verification process before any certificate/membership can be issued.

If you have any queries please contact us BEFORE you start not AFTER.


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