The 2020 Season has, understandably, been seriously affected by the coronavirus situation. This has resulted in riders being unable to continue ( or even start) visiting photo locations.

In light of this we have made some amendments to the rally schedule.

1. The deadline to actually enter is now 31st July 2020 ( previously 30th June)

2. The deadline for uploading at least 7 locations is now 30th September ( previously 31st July). 

3. The deadline for uploading is now 30th November 2020. ( Previously 30th September)

4. The optional "Brief" locations will begin July through to October

Update 1st October 2020:  Riders who failed to upload 7 locations by midnight on 30th September 2020 have had their upload link disabled as per the rules of the rally.

On or around the 1st November the "checkpoint" column in the rider table will be changed to  a "locations reached" tally.

Update 16th November 2020

Coronavirus has played havoc with the brief locations this year. 6 locations were cut to 4 and then lockdown prevented many from getting to the final location in October. The august location in County Down had a bonus element if you reached the rear of the chamber, collected all 4 locations and were drawn 1st,2nd or 3rd in the prize draw.

In order to try to be fair to those caught by lockdown who were prevented in getting to the 4th location, whilst being fair to those that did, we propose the following:


All those that reached at least 3 locations will go into the draw. Those that reached 4 AND made the back of the chamber in August will be entitled to a doubling of the prize if they are drawn.


So, those that reached at least 3 were rider numbers, 1,2,4,9,13,14,15,19,21,22,25,27,28,30,31,33,37,40,44,51,68,72,78,87,92,96,100.

Those that reached 4 and made the back of the chamber were riders 4,14,22,27,30,31,51,68,78


It's not perfect but it is about as fair as we can make it.

UPDATE 10th December 2020

Rally Awards will be mailed out during January 2021

Prize Draw for the Brief Locations will take place in February 2021

2020 Photo Rally Update