"The Brief" is our monthly Photo location only for those riders currently participating in the Photo Rally who just can't get enough of interesting places to ride .

 So, as an extra challenge to run alongside our photo rally,each month between July and October, a new location is published which appears here for 1 month only - a brief period. During that month you simply ride to the stated location and take a photo in accordance with the Brief and upload it BEFORE the end of the month. Once the current month ends, the brief changes and the previous months brief cannot be uploaded. If it is, it will be deleted.

Photographs taken during the month will be published in our Monthly Gallery. Riders who upload all four locations, that fully comply with "the Brief" will be entered into a draw in March 2021 for a €150 prize fund.

Riders who are currently participating in the 2020 Photo Rally may use their Rally Upload Link  to upload a Monthly Brief Photo


Well, It's the last Brief of the year and, despite the chaos of corona, lots of you have been out and about when circumstances permit. As promised, the last brief is in Galway - just about.

Dunmore Castle , 1 km northwest  of Dunmore, dates from the 13th Century but most of the current structure is 14th Century. It's seen its fair share of battles.

Your Brief is to take a Photograph of your motorcycle AND your good self in front of the castle.

Take the time to wander around and have a good look while you are there.

GPS : 53.624025,-8.755881

In order to give riders an approximate location of future Brief locations , we reveal which county they will be located :

July: Wicklow

August: Down

September: Clare

October: Galway