IBA Ireland Presents the 2020

 Wolfhound Rally

 This years rally is celebrating our Railways, past & present. So hop aboard and makes tracks for the END OF THE LINE !



The 2020 Wolfhound Photo Rally is a web based motorcycle Photo Rally that runs until the 30th November 2020.

Riders visit locations ( IN ANY ORDER) and provide photographic proof of their visit via uploaded Photographs.. You DO NOT need to be an IBA member to participate.

Rally Basics.


 Visit the locations ( as many or as few as you wish) and take a selfie or a photo of your bike with the required object in the background.

Upload your photos using a unique link we will provide, You can upload your photos one at a time, in groups or all together whenever you like.  It will also be possible to use your unique link to upload photos instantly " in the field" when you take them on your phone camera if you wish. No Faffing about with camera memory cards or cables to your computer

A Weblink to your Photographs will appear beside your name on the 2020 Rider table. Full Instructions will be forwarded upon payment of the entry fee.

Please Note: To remain in the rally, At least 7 of the 15 locations must be uploaded prior to 30th  September 2020. If you have not reached 7 locations by this date, your Photo Album will be Suspended and you are OUT of the rally: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !




The  entry fee for the 2020 Rally is €10. NOTE: Entry is ONLY open until 31st July 2020. 


You can enter a Pillion by adding an additional name in the form text field or add a note in paypal.


A certificate of achievement will be awarded after 30th November 2020 for the following :

7-9 locations Bronze

10-14 Locations Silver

15 Locations Gold

We also publish  six "brief" locations . These are not part of the rally, but just a bit of added fun if you wish to participate. One extra location is published each month from April to September that is available ONLY for that month.

Visit the Brief page for further details

Download GPX and PDF here 
Rally Awards are sent to the shipping address registered to your paypal account. Check your paypal shipping address is correct.

Please be aware that an error in the GPX download (Mulranny Water Tank) was corrected on 17-03-20.

Rally now CLOSED

to new Entries 

cashelnagor railway station
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mulranny water tower
newcastle railway station
adare bridge
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west cork model railway
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west cork model railway

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