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32 County Challenge

This is the ultimate IBA ride in Ireland. 32 County Towns in less than 32 Hours.

Because of the nature of this ride, you cannot attempt this UNLESS you are already an IBA member ie you have successfully completed another IBA ride. This ride requires a high degree of Stamina and discipline. 32 Stops is a lot and many of the roads do not lend themselves to mile munching.

The 32 CC permits GPS Photo verification; because of the nature of this ride, collecting receipts in the normal way in such a short period of time would be a major annoyance and inconvenience not to mention potentially impossible in some locations at night. Therefore, a digital photo of your Bike mounted GPS will be accepted as proof of you visiting most County Towns (except Derry, Antrim, Tralee & Wexford).


However, if you do not wish to use GPS verification you are free to do so but will end up having to collect all 32 receipts.

It is extremely important you read these rules fully, Especially the section relating to GPS photos. Advice is included on how to take clear pictures of a GPS in darkness.

The County towns (as determined by IBA) are shown on the adjacent map an a potential route: Carrick on Shannon, Roscommon, Tullamore, Port Laoise, Naas, Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, Antrim, Downpatrick, Dundalk, Monaghan, Armagh, Mullingar, Trim, Cavan, Longford, Lifford, Ennis, Omagh, Sligo, Enniskillen, Castlebar, Galway, Limerick, Clonmel, Cork, Tralee and Derry.

These may be visited in any order. Obviously, you should try to work out a route which optimises these towns in the most efficient order. The mileage of this ride will be in the region of 1,100 - 1,200.

You do not need to finish in the town you started. 32 Hours may seem a long time to do JUST 1,200 miles. However, 32 stops at 5 minutes each is 160 minutes and on average, even a disciplined rider will stop longer than 5 minutes on average. So it is easy to see how those hours soon disappear.

This ride has already been successfully ridden by a number of riders ( many in far from ideal conditions) and a sub 32 hour time is safely achievable

This ride is open to existing members only

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