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Iron Butt Ireland Photo Rally

Our rally has been around in one shape or form since 2011, having morphed into its current version 6 years ago. Last year we had 148 riders participate, so we must be doing something right. Since 2017, each rally has had an individual theme regarding the type of locations.

Of course, Safety is a priority. We simply provide you with a list of locations for you to visit at any time of your choosing between March and September. There is no rush and no prizes for being the first to complete. 

If you  haven't participated in one of these events, do not worry. It's not complicated and, whilst you are encouraged to visit every single location, there is no obligation to do so. Visit as many or as few as you wish

The Wolfhound Rally is a Motorcycle Photographic Rally. Each year, we select 15 locations from around Ireland for riders to visit and obtain Photographic evidence of their visit. 

The Photographs are uploaded by the rider ( it's possible to do this straight from your phone camera) into their own unique rally photo album. 

The locations we choose are connected by a rally theme which changes yearly. We prefer this model rather than a random collection of locations. We also make sure you know exactly what you are going to photograph by providing a picture of each location in advance. In the past we have had themes revolving around Bridges, Islands, Mining ,Trains and former Schools

Basic Requirements

- Have a Motorcycle!

- Have a Sat Nav Device

- Have either a Digital Camera or a Smartphone

- Be prepared to pay €10 for a good time 


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