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Which ride do you want to tackle ?

If you are NOT currently a Member, you can only gain membership by attempting a Saddlesore 1000 or Compass Gold. If you already have an IBA membership number, then pick your poison !

Five new themed Celtic Rides

including Saint Patrick's Day and the 4 Celtic Festival Days

A Saddlesore 1000 requires a ride of more than 1,000 miles in less than 24hrs.

1000 miles riding to the North, South, East and Westernmost points of Ireland

This ride is a difficult ride of over 1,000 miles visiting the government parliament and assembly buildings of Ireland, N.Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales - available to existing members only

This is the ultimate IBA ride in Ireland. 32 County Towns in less than 32 Hours. You determine your own route. A demanding ride - available to existing members only

For the complete list of IBA rides available around the world 

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