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The aim of IBA Ireland is to encourage participation in long distance motorcycling and facilate riders who enjoy big mileage and a challenge to meet like-minded individuals . Although the opportunities within Ireland for long distance riding may seem somewhat limited, the Introduction of Ireland specific IBA rides (Figure of Eight Circumnavigation of Ireland, Ireland SS 1000 and 32 county challenge) and also local events to provide Irish riders an opportunity to meet fellow long distance enthusiasts. There are also opportunities to enjoy some socialising with fellow long distance motorcyclists. If you like riding that little bit further than your average motorcyclist, are sick of doing that same old Sunday Run with the lads, and want to test yourself,then we may be the organisation for you.

Some riders combine one of our certificate rides with a charity fund raising effort. Riders get the benefit of raising money for Charity, Membership of the IBA and your sponsors can see the ride has been independently audited. If you wish to combine a certificate ride with a fund raising effort - go for it.

You cannot become a member of the Iron Butt Association simply by paying some annual subscription. We're not like that. If you want to join our ranks you have to prove to us that you are able to solve the equation of Time, Distance and Endurance in order to complete one of our entry level rides.


Once your ride is successfully verified by us, you will be issued with a membership number, a ride certificate and be eligible to attend member only activities.

We have held member only "One off" SS1000 rides in Sicily, Iceland and Isle of Man.

You will also receive regular Newsletters. There is a payment involved for ride verification but there are no further or recurring membership fees. 

2022 - Brief RTE.jpg
  • I'd like to join. Where do I find your membership form?
    In order to join , you must complete an entry level ride.Visit the relevant ride page and there you will find downloadable paperwork that must be submitted to us on completion of the ride
  • Do you have regular club outings and meetings?
    Not in the traditional - Sunday afternoon club ride sense. Group rides and 40 mile rides for ice cream and tea are not what we do. We have Certificate rides, Photo rallys and will often ride a few hundred miles to meet for lunch.
  • Do I have to renew my membership each year?
    No. After you become a member, there are no further membership fees.
  • Do I pay for membership every year?
    No. You only make a payment when your ride paperwork is successfully verified.If your application has to be rejected you pay nothing. There are no yearly membership fees.
  • Aren't you endorsing riders who speed and ride around half asleep ?
    Absolutly not. All of our rides can easily be completed well within the allotted time periods without exceeding the speed limit with enough time for rest and fuel stops. Whilst the rides ARE high mileage, with careful preparation and practice they are safely achievable. We also restrict the rides that non- members may attempt to our "entry level " rides.
  • Are you just selling certificates for various rides?
    NO. If we were, we would ask for money upfront and then send you a certificate. The evidence you submit is carefully examined and riders are sometimes given the unfortunate news that we cannot certify their ride due to lack of evidence or failing to adhere to the rules and requirements. Gaining entry to our club is done via certification, not application. It is not nice for anyone to have their ride evidence turned down, but we maintain high standards. In the event that your ride evidence is rejected, you are not charged any fee and are welcome to try again.
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