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The only route to IBA Membership

Regular Meetings where we may ride some serious miles for lunch

Email: ironbuttireland at



Welcome to IBA Ireland Website

The Iron Butt Association is an exclusive group of Motorcyclists dedicated to the sport of long distance motorcycling.

IBA Ireland is part of the Iron Butt Association worldwide family of branches located in several countries around the world. The Iron Butt Association was founded and has headquarters in the United States.

IBA Ireland is not a motorcycle club in the traditional sense.


There are no membership fees. You must successfully complete an IBA Certificate ride in order to join our ranks. However, you do not have to be an IBA member to attend any of our advertised events, especially Ride To Eats (RTEs) which are a great way to meet riders who have been IBA Certified.

Where will YOU go?
Interested in Joining us?

Your only route to membership is to successfully complete a Certified ride

A Saddlesore 1000 (SS1000) requires a ride of more than 1,000 miles, or a Saddlesore 1600K (SS1600K) requires a ride of more than 1,610 kilometres (for countries where distance/speeds are in km)

in less than 24hrs.

Five new Saddlesore themed Celtic Rides

including, Saint Patrick's Day and

the 4 Celtic Festival Days.

 A challenging but highly rewarding 1,000 mile (or 1,610 km) journey incorporating the North,South,East and Westernmost points of mainland Ireland.

The distance between these location IS NOT 1,000 miles / 1,610 km, so you will need to add additonal mileage to increase the distance travelled.

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