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Another year, another Theme ! This year all our locations are either statues , memorials or historical markers. All "Set in Stone"


 Visit the locations and take a photo of your bike with the required subjectin the background. Take arty unusual viewpoint photos by all means but keep those ones for yourself. All we want you to upload is a nice bog standard photo  of the subject with your bike. Nothing fancy. Also this year, no Aerial drone photos please.

Upload your photos using a unique link we will provide, You can upload your photos one at a time, in groups or all together whenever you like.  It is also possible to use your unique link to upload photos instantly " in the field" when you take them on your phone camera if you wish. No faffing about with camera memory cards or cables to your computer.

 2024 Points to note:


1. READ the PDF file download . It contains IMPORTANT information. You are strongly advised to carry a copy so you can visually check you are taking a photograph of the right "thing". Every year , without fail, we get riders upload the wrong "thing" from a location, despite the availability of the PDF download with example photos and the same photos available on the additional webpage.

2. We don't care what motorcycles you use.

3. We don't mind if you bring a pillion. It's the same cost. If the pillion reaches a minimum of 10 locations, they will get the appropriate certificate. The pillion must appear in the photographs along with your motorcycle.

4. You may start collecting the locations before receiving your upload link, but we recommend getting your link as soon as possible. That way you can upload locations as you go.

 Full Instructions will be forwarded as usual by email upon payment of the entry fee .

The deadline for entry is 31st May 2024. You must have submitted the entry fee by that date, in order to

receive an upload link for the event. That's three full months for entry. 

Rally finishes 30th September 2024.

The appropriate certificate and rally sticker will be issued in December 2024 for the following :

10-11 locations -Bronze

12-14 Locations -Silver

15 Locations -Gold


No 5 - Bobby Joe.jpg
No 12 - Ballygeehan Hurling.jpg
Rally Downloads

Click the Icon for GPX FILE Download


Click the Icon for PDF Document download AND extra IMPORTANT Information


Entry Process

Total Number of Riders  115
 - Rider Total updated16/05/2024

 The entry fee for the 2024 Photo Rally is £10.  The only change we have made to the fee over the last 8 years is a change from 10 Euro to 10 GBP.

Payment is via Paypal. You do NOT need a paypal account to use paypal.

Please ensure that the postal address entered is correct, as that is the address we use to mail any certificate.

Each entry must be manually processed in order to create the riders Photo Album and Upload link. This can take up to a week. This may seem like a long time, but we have day jobs and we also like to ride our own bikes so we are restricted as to when we process the entry but remember, you can start to visit the locations prior to receiving the link.

You will receive detailed instructions as to how to upload photos into your album in the email we send you.

Please check any spam folders in case our email has got caught there. When your email instructions are sent, you will also receive a confimation from paypal that the  order was processed.  If you have not received anything after one week, drop us an email - wolfhoundrally at gmail dot com.

Also, to stay updated on Rally news, add your name to our news list sign up form. ( if you have already subscribed on the IBA Ireland site, you may find your details already added

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