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IBA (Ireland) Newsletter Christmas 2022.

Wishing all the members of the Iron Butt Association Ireland a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with safe riding wherever you are or are going.

I would like to thank Chris McGaffin for the honour of being asked to take over from him; he and Joe Fisher have always been very supportive of my Iron Butt related Long-Distance Riding progress.

Chris has not gone away; he is providing sound advice and he will continue to be our Rally-Master, he is working hard on next years Wolfhound Photographic Rally and has a few other cunning ideas up his sleeve.

Joe Fisher is helping me with ideas to improve the riding opportunities and to simplify the ride certification process.

Charlie McCrea (aka Splitter 142) is also assisting and is most knowledgeable on Social Media matters.


I have already posted several events on the Iron Butt Ireland Facebook page, with the European Rides to Eat and the major FIM Touring Section events in Europe and North Africa, which if you are not familiar with, are great craic and usually very good value; We will re-start the Ireland based RTEs which were stopped by COVID19, with the following:

  • Sunday 26th March 2023 at 1200 – The Beach Bar, Cartronofarry East, Templeboy, Co. Sligo, F91 YE98; This was the RTE that was scheduled for late March 2020 until the pandemic restrictions kicked in.


  • Sunday 21st May 2023 at 1200 – Sean’s Bar, Athlone; is the oldest bar in Ireland, Europe and possibly the world: there have been previous RTEs in the Highest pubs in Leinster (Johnnie Fox’s, 910ft above sea level) and Ulster (The Ponderosa, 946ft above sea level).


  • Sunday 16th July 2023 at 1200 – Top of Coom,  is Ireland’s Official Highest Pub (OSI verified) at over 1045ft above sea level, located in Kilgarvan, just a short, scenic drive from Killarney, Kenmare and Macroom.


I have been in contact with our Galactic President (Mike Kneebone), who has provisionally sanctioned some additional Irish themed certificated rides (artwork and ride rules are in progress) including:

  • A Saint Patrick’s Day Saddle Sore or Bun Burner.


There will be an overarching Certificate for completing all four Pagan Days, like the Four Seasons Rides.


I will hopefully be adding these to the IBA Ireland Forum and to our website in the near future (when I get the hang of all this electronic wizardry), in addition to refreshing the website.


There are some ideas for 2024 being worked on.



Have a great Festive Season and Safe Riding, I look forward to meeting you in the future.


Graeme Ferguson




Since 2008, Chris McGaffin has been "President" of IBA Ireland. After 14 years , Chris has decided to take a step back ( but not away). As of 15th October 2022, Graeme Ferguson is the new head of the  Iron Butt Association in Ireland.  Chris intends to continue  playing a part in the organisation.


Chris said - " It has been a hell of a ride since 2008 - Certifications, development of new rides ,running 24 Hour competitive rallies, creating and hosting special one off events ( Isle of Man, Iceland & Sicily SS1000s) and running the Annual Photo rally in various guises . Now it's time for change and some fresh input".

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